Frequently Asked Questions

questionmarkBelow are a number of questions we commonly receive from our patients.

What are the differences between veneers and crowns?

A dental crown requires the reduction of a tooth on all sides by 1.0-2.0mm. A crown adds support to a tooth and is used for teeth that may already have a significant amount of tooth structure missing. A veneer, on the other hand, is an esthetic procedure. A veneer preparation only requires between 0.5-1.0mm of reduction and only on the visible portion and the biting surface of the tooth.

Do you accept ________ insurance?

There are literally hundreds of insurance carriers and a multitude of plans. As these plans are constantly changing, it’s hard for us to maintain a list online. Please contact us directly to inquire as to whether we accept your insurance.

Does your office accept DSHS?

Unfortunately, not at this time but please check back later.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes we are. Please review our section on “Your First Visit“. We look forward to meeting you.

Do you accept payment plans?

We have setup an agreement with Care Credit to facilitate patients looking to make payments on their treatment. If credit is a problem for you and you are a patient of good standing and record, please contact us to inquire further.