Invisalign “Clear Braces”

invisalignlogoAre you teeth “crooked” and difficult to keep clean as a result? Would you like straighter teeth? For many, Invisalign is the right orthodontic alternative to braces to achieve straighter teeth. Invisalign is a treatment option that utilizes a series of clear aligning trays to straighten, rotate and align your teeth the way that you want them to be!

So how does it work?

invisalign_traysThe first step is to perform a thorough exam and interview to discuss your treatment goals. After coming up with a set of goals and a plan for alignment we will take a series of intraoral photos and a set of impressions (negative models of your teeth). Once everything is completed to satisfaction, we will then submit everything to Aligntech, the manufacturers of Invisalign. Within a few days, Invisalign will submit back a customized ClinCheck© or a digital model of your teeth and the plan for how we would like to move your teeth.

Your ClinCheck©

clincheckOnce you and your dentist are satisfied with the planned results, your ClinCheck© is submitted for completion. A series of clear aligning trays are then fabricated and sent back to the office. When the aligners arrive, we will schedule you an appointment to place temporary tooth colored attachments on to your teeth to help the aligners move your teeth as planned. After the attachments are placed, your first set of trays will be delivered. Depending on your treatment needs we may also need to make minor adjustments to your teeth to gain space. Typically these adjustments are done throughout treatment as indicated by your ClinCheck©.

How long do I wear these aligners?

Each aligner is worn for two weeks and we recommend that you only take them out to eat. Your treatment length depends completely on your ClinCheck© and how severe your crowding or spacing is. More difficult movements like rotating teeth can take longer than simpler movements so we can not promise how long your particular case will take to complete. However, the aligners are clear and most people won’t even notice that you have them in!

Who is a good candidate?

Invisalign is not a good choice for everyone. We typically recommend Invisalign treatment for those patients with mild to moderate crowding or spacing between their teeth. For those patients that more complex occlusion (how you bite together), we still may recommend a consultation with an Orthodontist. However, the only way to really know how we may be able to help you is to schedule a consultation so we may address all of your dental needs including your options for orthodontic treatment. We look forward to meeting you!