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Some dental procedures significantly benefit from an image that’s more nuanced than a regular X-ray. Larry R. Adams, DMD, uses a CT (computed tomography) scan to provide a more detailed and precise picture of your teeth to provide higher quality dental care to his patients at Dental Care By Design in Lacey, Washington. Dr. Adams also serves the Olympia, WA and Tumwater WA area. To learn more about the advantages a CT scan can have for your dental procedures, schedule an appointment today by calling the office or booking online.

CT Scan Q & A

What is a CT scan?

A CT (computed tomography) scan is a special type of X-ray allowing Dr. Adams to take a three-dimensional image of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, oral bones, and even your airway.

Unlike traditional dental X-rays, which only provide a two-dimensional image of your smile, a CT scan enables Dr. Adams to see everything inside your mouth from every possible angle. This gives him a more precise picture of your dental needs and eliminates some of the guesswork that’s necessary for traditional dental X-rays.

A CT scan also allows Dr. Adams to know precisely where your alveolar nerve is, which can help to prevent potential nerve damage when administering dental and orthodontic treatments.

What are CT scans used for?

CT scans are used whenever Dr. Adams needs to have more precise information about the structure and condition of your mouth and smile. Some instances where you might need a CT scan include:

  • Bone grafting before dental implants
  • Evaluating your tooth for a root canal
  • To see the extent of a tooth infection
  • To determine whether you have sleep apnea
  • Diagnosis of abnormal lesions including bone cancers, tumors, or cysts

What does getting a CT scan involve?

A CT scan is a noninvasive and painless procedure only taking a few minutes.

You aren’t in an enclosed space like a body CT scan, but you will need to remove any jewelry or metal from your body. You sit in an exam chair and hold very still while the CT scan machine rotates around your head. You don’t need to bite down on any plastic, like in traditional X-rays.

The CT scan only takes a few seconds to get a full picture of your entire mouth, after which you can go about your day as normal. There is no pain, no downtime, and no recovery, just an excellently detailed image of your mouth that Dr. Adams uses to give you superior dental treatment.

To learn more about how a CT scan can help improve your smile, schedule an appointment with Dr. Adams today by calling the Dental Care By Design offices or booking your visit online.