Cerec / Single Visit Crowns

cerec1If you have had a crown placed before, you know it can be a process to see it through to completion. Cerec is the name for a technology that allows crowns to be prepared, fabricated and cemented in office. This process can often be completed as quickly as a single visit.

How does it work?

cerec2The process of preparing your tooth to receive a Cerec crown is the same as when preparing any other type of crown. The advantage to the technology is that the impression, or replica of your mouth, is taken digitally and submitted to a computer in office. The computer then takes the information and creates an accurate three dimensional image of your tooth. Using the latest software, your dentist will then fabricate a custom crown model which is then sent to a milling unit for fabrication. The milling unit takes the information and will precisionally fabricate a new custom crown out of a small ceramic block. Any staining and glazing is then done in office using a small porcelain oven.

What is Best for me?

Although Cerec crowns are a great solution, they are not the only solution. In some cases impressions will still need to be sent out to the lab for fabrication. We won’t know if you are a good candidate for Cerec / single visit crowns until after your comprehensive dental exam. Please contact us today to schedule your next appointment.