4 Signs That You May Need a Root Canal

Root Canal. Just the term can send some running from the dentist’s office in a panic. However, a root canal is nothing to be worried about, as it’s a relatively painless and quick procedure. 

At Dental Care By Design, Dr. Adams has years of experience performing root canals on patients and can guide you through the preparation process with ease. Dr. Adams will walk you through the entire procedure beforehand and make sure you understand what to expect during recovery. 

Endodontic treatment (more commonly referred to as a “root canal”) is an essential restorative step in preserving teeth that have been traumatized or infected. Although a filling or crown can repair the outside of a tooth, only a root canal will repair the inside of one.

Root canals are used to treat oral problems such as:

You may need to have a root canal if you or Dr. Adams has noticed any of the following signs:

Darkening of the tooth

A tooth’s nerve can die years after accidental trauma. That means if you got hit in the mouth by a baseball at age 12, you might be 30 before the tooth actually starts to die. When a tooth has died, you’ll notice an obvious change in color from a healthy white to a greyish black/blue. 

Dark Circles Around the Tip of Your Root, As Seen on Your X-ray

Dental abscesses don’t always cause visible fistulas (pimples) on your gums. Your X-rays will show if there is an active or previous infection around the root of your tooth, where drainage tried to escape.

The Tooth Isn’t Responding Normally

Temperature and pressure tests often disclose findings that may not be visible during a visual exam. Perhaps your tooth is hypersensitive to hot foods or when you bite down on it. Although tooth decay is usually sensitive to sweets, dental nerve damage presents itself differently.

A Large Cavity or Leaky Filling 

When new decay develops close to the nerve of the tooth, it causes those tissues to become infected. Like the decaying enamel that needs to be removed, so does the pulp tissue. Otherwise, sealing it over with a new filling or crown would trap bacteria inside and eventually destroy the tooth.

If you think you need a root canal or want a second opinion, take action immediately by contacting our office at 360-207-4992 or requesting an appointment online

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